• Kosuke Furukawa (Film director)
    email: kosuke[at]nyjcf.com
  • Hiroshi Kono (President of Mar Creation, Inc.), a native of Nagoya, Japan, moved to New York in 1992 and established a record company, Mar Creation, Inc. in 2003. He has expanded its business with a broader range of the entertainment services; video/music/event productions, artist management, PR and booking. He works with various artists and producers in the fields of music, dance, theater, film and charity. Kono also writes music articles for YomiTime. Past/current works and projects include J-Summit New York, New York Japan CineFest, Loudness, Senri Oe, Tokiko Kato, Kana Uemura, Orange Pekoe, Wowow, NHK Enterprises, Asia Society, Rubin Museum of Art, Hammond Museum, San Francisco Public Library and others.
    contact: email: hiroshi[at]nyjcf.com
  • Yasu Suzuki (Actor, Film director)
    email: yasu[at]nyjcf.com
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