Radius Squared Times Heart
Dir. Yasu Suzuki. 2009. 34 min.
Love is in the air when Ken, a Japanese scientist, invites Michelle, an American anthropologist, home for dinner after a Tango lesson. Shy in demeanor, Ken impresses with his culinary prowess. Will he be able to win the lady’s heart?
Best Comedic Short Film, Manhattan Film Festival

Dir. Kosuke Furukawa. 2009. 22 min.
A Brooklyn diner waitress comes across two mysterious customers: a distressed young artist who struggles with a drawing of a Uguisu, a Japanese songbird, and an enigmatic Japanese old man who seems to hold the key to the secrets of the universe.
Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, International Film Festival Manhattan

Frog in the Well
Dir. Ken Ochiai. 2010. 15 min.
On a mission to scatter his mother’s ashes, Joe leaves Tokyo and embarks on a journey across Japan. The meditative and transformative experience allows him to discover the beauty of everyday life.
Minister’s Award, Audience Award, Short Shorts Film Festival
Best Editing Award, Sapporo International Short Film Festival
Best Short Film, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival
Special Jury Prize, Miami Short Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Into The New World
Dir. Haruhito Naka. 2011. 25 min.
Mariko travels all the way from Japan to New York to look for her missing boyfriend, who had last told her that he’s living with God. When Mariko finally comes face to face with God, who is disguised in an African mask, she enters an unexpectedly hallucinatory world.

Corazon en Fuego / Heart on Fire
Dir. Yoriko Murakami. 2005. 8 min. Stop-motion animation.
A lonely woman who lives in a country home on her own mournfully remembers her lost love. Suddenly, she is visited by an unexpected guest who will change her life forever.
Jury Special Mention Award, Short Shorts Asia

The 8th Samurai
Dir. Justin Ambrosino. 2009. 28 min.
Can you imagine if Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai was intended to be Eight Samurai? In this wildly humorous film, a struggling actor plays all the tricks at his disposal to be the 8th samurai. Will he succeed? Watch to find out. This film toured with the Akira Kurosawa 100th Anniversary Tour.
Best of Fest Award, LA Shorts Festival
Golden Kahuna Award, Honolulu International Film Festival
Best Director, Best Cinematography, Staten Island Film Festival
Audience Award, Big Muddy Film Festival
Best Student Film Best Director Award, Best Actor Award, Show Off Your Shorts Festival

Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins
Dir. Chisa Hidaka. 2010. 3 min.
In the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, a human dancer and wild Spinner dolphins forge a tender relationship through the language of dance.
Best Experimental Film, Big Apple Film Festival
Best Short Film Animal Advocacy, Artivist Film Festival

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